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Strategic Discovery & Information Management

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The Strategic Discovery & Information Management (“StraDIM”) Group includes a team of experienced lawyers, legal and technology professionals that work together to provide our clients with strategic, cost-effective solutions for a variety of needs related to the discovery and management of electronically stored information (“ESI”). We provide our clients with comprehensive e-discovery counseling and services, ranging from pre-litigation planning and records management strategies, coordination of national discovery efforts, and full service management of e-discovery execution in complex litigation and governmental investigations. We specialize in guiding clients through all phases of e-discovery, including the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, and production of ESI. We utilize innovative technologies to facilitate document reviews of all sizes – whether for litigation, investigations, or compliance needs – in the firm’s state-of-the-art document review facility. Through all of our services, the StraDIM Group seeks to provide our clients with solutions that deliver significant cost-savings, enhanced efficiency, and strategic advantages. Some of the many services that the StraDIM Group provides to our clients are listed below:
  • Information Management & Discovery Preparedness
  • Discovery Counsel
  • E-Discovery & Document Review

Information Management & Discovery Preparedness

  • Advising on document and record management strategies and policies for litigation and regulatory compliance.
  • Developing data maps for the corporate information management infrastructure, including inaccessible, legacy, and back-up information.
  • Pre-litigation planning, including the identification of custodians and data sources most likely to be relevant to litigation involving significant risk.
  • Advising on record retention issues.

Discovery Counsel

  • Coordinating discovery issues across all litigation matters, including the coordination of fact and document discovery responses.
  • Providing consistent, defensible strategies for document preservation, collection, review and production, including positions on privilege.
  • Partnering with other client law firms to support discovery efforts, including advising merits counsel on information management strategies, and handling document review services through the firm’s state-of-the-art discovery review facility.
  • Supervising and coordinating client consultants and vendors related to e-discovery.

E-Discovery & Document Review

  • Coordinating the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, and production of client ESI in litigation and governmental/regulatory investigations.
  • Managing document reviews in the firm’s state-of-the-art document review center, including reviews for litigation, governmental/regulatory investigations, internal investigations for compliance with corporate policies and regulatory audits and due diligence.
  • Managing complex privilege reviews, including the creation of defensible privilege logs for all types of matters.
  • Utilizing innovative document processing and review technologies, for reducing the volume of client ESI subject to manual review, and for early case assessment.

Representative engagements:

  • Successfully managing several large-scale document reviews using Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and Predictive Coding workflows to significantly reduce the overall number of client documents requiring human review. Using statistical sampling for control set development and results validation, our team incorporated predictive coding technology into our strategic review workflows to create a hybrid approach that resulted in 50% fewer documents requiring review in our largest TAR matters. 
  • Negotiating several key e-discovery protocols to reduce the scope of document discovery, narrow ongoing preservation obligations, and select cost efficient production formats, all of which resulted in significant cost savings to our clients. 
  • Leading discovery and document review efforts for several large patent cases in the Eastern District of Virginia (the “Rocket Docket”) involving millions of documents, all of which were completed in severely constrained timelines based on limited discovery periods. 
  • Mobilizing a document review effort to review more than 10,000 documents overnight to assist a client’s investigation into a possible employee IP theft. Our team organized veteran contract attorneys to review from late evening into the early morning, allowing us to report results to the client early the next morning. 
  • Deploying internal document review and hosting capabilities to provide our clients with a cost-effective single source alternative to discovery vendors that keeps their most valuable documents and data within the hands of their lawyers, and reduces the number of parties our clients need to deal with to accomplish their e-discovery goals.