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The Murphy & McGonigle Innovation Lab allows Murphy & McGonigle to serve our clients as technology fundamentally transforms the way they do business. We are exploring new ways to deliver services, from proprietary databases to smartphone apps. We will seek to support our advice with more than anecdotal experience as we leverage big data analytics. And we are developing institutional knowledge of the legal technology marketplace.

  • Financial services law firm Murphy & McGonigle today announced the launch of an improved version of its M&M Defend app, a smart phone application that guides individuals, businesses and in-house counsel with instantaneous information during legal crisis situations.

  • CryptoLex 2021
    01/12/2021 | (12/21/2020)
    CryptoLex 2021

    Murphy & McGonigle’s annual blockchain conference, CryptoLex, returns in virtual format to provide an early perspective on the upcoming year for cryptocurrency and blockchain. CryptoLex ’21 will take place on Tues., Jan. 12 (1:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST) and will include speakers from cryptocurrency companies, exchanges, legal and financial services.

    As market momentum for bitcoin and blockchain continues to rise, CryptoLex will provide an in-depth look at the latest regulatory developments, litigation trends, and financial services adoption in the growing sector.

    This is the fourth edition of CryptoLex, which was first conducted in 2018. The proprietary blockchain conference of Murphy & McGonigle, CryptoLex is conducted by Murphy & McGonigle’s FinTech & Blockchain Practice. To RSVP for CryptoLex, please contact Sarita Lavehim at

    To view videos of the CryptoLex panels:

    Digital Assets in an Analog World: The Application of Old Rules to a New Market
    Crypto Prime Brokers and Institutional Custody Trends and Developments
    Trading and Custody in Digital Securities


    For the Conference schedule and featured speakers for CryptoLex ’21, please click on this link

  • In an example of the “Wild West” cryptocurrency industry continuing to be tamed, a law firm out of Virginia has created the first database of judicial cases in order to help the legal community gather resources in an effort to prosecute crypto-centered criminals and further clean up the Bitcoin ecosystem. The Blockchain Litigation Database (BLD) brings together into one central repository all crypto cases from across different jurisdictions in order to allow an easy search of data in building court cases.

  • Blockchain Litigation Database Dashboard Screenshot

    Noting that “law firms are increasingly becoming involved in the development of technology,” resulting in “a new kind of law firm that looks as much like a fintech startup as a legal outlet,” Forbes covers Murphy & McGonigle’s innovative Blockchain Litigation Database.

  • CryptoLex 2018
    09/26/2018 (02:00 PM - 08:00 PM) | (06/27/2018)

    Blockchain technology has tremendous potential. Amidst a dramatically evolving and escalating landscape for blockchain companies, crypto assets and business potential, many of the legal parameters and regulatory guidelines impacting this growing market sector remain undefined, vague and/or in the throes of a turf battle by government regulatory bodies.

  • Blockchain Law Center Homepage Screenshot

    Murphy & McGonigle, a leading financial services and regulatory law firm, today announced that it has launched a website dedicated exclusively to the legal and regulatory developments in the application of blockchain technology. The comprehensive new site, Blockchain Law Center, is located at

  • White collar defense attorneys are regularly confronted by new clients who seek representation where the client has told some version of his or her story to law enforcement agents before ever meeting with counsel.  While Miranda warnings, aimed at providing prophylactic cautions to individuals, are ubiquitously disseminated throughout our society, in practice people generally relay an entire story to law enforcement officials without preparation, without prior consultation with counsel, and without being accompanied by a lawyer to protect their interests.  Of course, where an individual is not subject to custodial interrogation, there is no obligation for law enforcement agents even to provide Miranda warnings.

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    M&M Defend app to help executives and companies respond to Surprise Law Enforcement Actions is now available on Google Play.

  • Murphy & McGonigle is pleased to announce it has joined the Hyperledger Project. The Hyperledger Project is a collaborative, cross-industry effort working to enable organizations to build and run robust, industry-specific applications, platforms and hardware systems to support their individual business transactions by creating an enterprise grade, open source distributed ledger framework and code base. Hyperledger now has 95 members, making it the fastest growing collaborative project ever hosted by the Linux Foundation.

  • icon-10242x_8752755357305.png

    An agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation approaches a hedge fund trader as he leaves the office, wanting to ask a few questions. Nervous about saying no to an official, the trader dishes, and information he provides is later used against him.

    Steven Feldman, a white collar attorney in New York, has seen too many clients caught off-guard in such situations. His solution? The Murphy & McGonigle Surprise Law Enforcement Response App.

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Although the legal industry resisted longer than most other industries, there is no doubt that legal services are now being disrupted by technology. The Innovation Lab provides an infrastructure to combine our legal expertise with cutting edge technological solutions.

Commodity-Corner Blog - a resource for regulatory and enforcement updates and trends – along with insightful analysis and perspectives - in the commodities, futures, and derivatives area, authored by members of our Commodities, Futures & Derivatives Practice.

Blockchain Litigation Database - brings together into one central repository all crypto cases from across different jurisdictions in order to allow an easy search of data in building court cases.
Blockchain Litigation Database

Blockchain Law Center - a resource for those interested in legal and regulatory developments in the application of blockchain technology.

MMDefend App Logo M&M Defend App - provides guidance to deal with critical encounters with law enforcement, including the execution of search warrants and interviews.

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Database Solutions Offerings – creating multidimensional, data-driven solutions with custom-built databases, including, for example, comprehensive analysis of the exposure to wide-ranging RMBS litigation.

Joined several clients in the Hyperledger Project, an international open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. Murphy & McGonigle is the first law firm to become a member of the Hyperledger Project.

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