Securities Arbitration & ADR

  • Recovering over $12 million for a major global bank (and dismissal of employee counterclaims) after a series of arbitration hearings seeking enforcement of notes with their former employees.
  • Obtaining favorable settlement for a major global bank in a $20 million sales practice arbitration.
  • Obtaining dismissal for a broker-dealer client after a hearing in a $2 million sales practice arbitration.
  • Obtaining an expungement award after a hearing on behalf of the president of a mid-sized broker-dealer.
  • Defending client against “selling away” allegations.
  • Obtaining favorable settlements and awards for a wide-range of broker-dealer clients in other FINRA arbitrations nationwide involving sales practice, trading, employment, due diligence and other disputes.

Looking Forward

The securities arbitration industry continues to grapple with how to move forward during a global pandemic. Beginning in March 2020 through the end of the year, FINRA canceled all in-person hearings. FINRA and the AAA have afforded parties the opportunity to conduct hearings virtually through Zoom, but counsel for both claimant and respondents has been reluctant to try cases in this unfamiliar manner. FINRA has been conducting Zoom hearings, either with the consent of the parties or by ruling of the arbitrators on a contested motion. As of the  end of November 2020, FINRA had conducted one or more hearings by Zoom in 124 cases, and arbitrators were granting contested motions to conduct hearings virtually in the large majority (71%) of cases. We are preparing for the inevitability of increased use of Zoom arbitration hearings in 2021.